Low Moisture and Crystallization Cleaning- LOMAC Process

Pavlik’s Carpet CleaningOur cleaning agent encapsulates soil and dirt particles allowing us to vacuum them without using the traditional steam extraction method. Since carpet fibers look cleaner immediately, before extraction takes place, people often ask us, “where did the dirt go?”

We answer by comparing our cleaning agent and its encapsulated soil particles with a diamond. Diamonds always have flaws from embedded foreign particles, but these flaws are not seen except under high magnification. Similarly, our cleaning agent entirely encapsulates foreign soils in a clear polymer that still looks perfect to the naked eye or even under low magnification. The soil is there, but all that can be seen is bright and clean carpet. The soil-laden crystals are removed easily by vacuuming, which may occur at any time without adverse effect.

Environmentally Preferred

Improved cleaning means better indoor air quality and lower microbial activity. Uses 30 times less water than some wet cleaning methods to exceed water conservation standards outlined by the US Green Building Council.

No Chemical Residue

Special “green” formulations use no hazardous chemical, which means no residues or special handling. Formulations are also phosphate and butyl free.

Pile Lifting

We incorporate the LOMAC® process, which lifts pile while it cleans, for optimal scheduled vacuuming and improved appearance. Conversely, bonnets flatten the pile and create additional chemical and water usage when laundering bonnets.

Manufacturer Approved

All products are approved for stain-resistant fibers, and select products are safe on wool (Woolsafe™).

Pre-Spray Application

Pavlik’s Carpet CleaningWe use a state of the art encapsulating pre-spray that combines unique crystallizing polymers with more powerful detergent components, creating a perfect blend to manage difficult-to-clean carpets with embedded soils (both dry and oily). It carries the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval.

Cleaning Agent

Our cleaning agent combines unique crystallizing polymers with effective detergent components, creating a perfect blend to emulsify embedded soils (both dry and oily), encapsulate them for vacuum recovery, and will not cause re-soiling. Our cleaning agent has received the Green Seal Certification, WoolSafe Approval and the CRI Seal of Approval.