Pavlik’s Carpet CleaningThe appearance of your facility sends an important message about your business to everyone who walks through the door. Properly maintained floors will make the right first impression and give your facility the professional look it deserves. Dirty carpets can also become a health issue, causing allergic reactions among the building’s occupants. Our cleaning process eliminates dust mites, bacteria, molds and mildew creating a fresher indoor environment and cleaner air to breathe as well.

Our carpets “Dry in Minutes, Not Hours” which means carpets are ready for use in less time creating less of an inconvenience with results that exceed many other cleaning methods. Our trained carpet care technicians will address areas such as spots, high traffic lanes, and wear patterns with our cleaning agents and agitators to prolong the life of your carpet.

We also provide cleaning and maintenance for vinyl and tile flooring and grout. Our hard floor care professionals will design and schedule maintenance services that will ensure your floors always look their best. We develop a customized plan based on facility use and foot traffic and work with you to determine the best plan for your flooring needs.

Whether you need restorative services, service for a newly installed floor, or information about daily maintenance of your hard floors or carpets, our professional floor cleaning staff can help. Free estimates provided upon request.


Every homeowner knows the importance of cleaning when it comes to maintaining a household. We specialize in cleaning your carpets, rugs, tile and upholstery. Unlike other cleaning companies who put down harmful chemicals and gallons of water during their process, our methods are completely safe for both your family and your home and dry in minutes. We use a soil particle encapsulation method using minimal water to safely and effectively remove dirt from your carpeting, area rugs or furniture. You don’t have to live with dirty carpets! Give the carpet care professionals at Pavlik’s Carpet Cleaning a call for a free estimate.

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