Pavlik’s Carpet CleaningPavlik’s Carpet Cleaning is a family owned business serving the Central Pennsylvania Market since 1989. We always do our best to ensure customer satisfaction and quality service at a fair price. We specialize in both commercial and residential carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care providing year round flooring maintenance to many businesses throughout the area- small, medium and large! We pride ourselves on delivering quality and courteous service in a timely manner. We have been successful through the years in Central Pennsylvania because we maintain a high standard of customer service and stand by our work.

Our low moisture cleaning process leaves your carpets fresh, clean, and “Dry in Minutes, Not Hours.“ With over 50+ years of industry proven success, our product line’s results speak for themselves. Our low moisture cleaning process gives us a significant advantage over the traditional “steam clean” carpet cleaners. We are able to provide exceptional results while using significantly less water than the outdated extraction cleaning methods through our soil encapsulation method. By using less water, we are able to provide a healthier and faster cleaning process. Our carpets “Dry in Minutes, Not Hours” which means carpets are ready for use in less time, creating less of an inconvenience with results that exceed many other cleaning methods. Our trained carpet care technicians will address areas such as spots, high traffic lanes, and wear patterns with our cleaning agents and agitators to prolong the life of your carpet.

Don’t go months with dirty carpets. Switch from hot water extraction to dry encapsulation cleaning to keep your carpet clean 24/7. With the right carpet care and hard surface floor care maintenance schedule in place, your floors will look better, last longer, and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your home, customers and/or employees.